Delicious, Advanced

18 05 2010

Some of the useful ways in which you can use delicious bookmarking:

1. Bookmark and share the link and your description and tags with others. [You can even set Delicious to post your links to Twitter or Friendfeed.
2. Find everyone else on Delicious who has bookmarked the same page.
3. Send your bookmark to a network of other “trusted” Delicious friends. [I can send a technical link to my dev friends and not to my entire Delicious network.]
4. Make a tag for a specific brand or product I am interested in and see what everyone else is bookmarking with that same tag.
5. Create an RSS feed of my links and tags to be read by others or used by me in a different program, like FriendFeed.

And most of this info and more advanced features can be found at the following two sites, Life Shack and Myself and Kenny have read through the articles and we simply found them by a simple Google search on advanced ways on using delicious.




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